What is Progesterone?

The female body makes approximately 27 different estrogens, but just one progesterone.

As the master hormone, progesterone balances the undesirable effects of too much estrogen and is used by your body to make other important hormones, including:

  • testosterone (muscle building/libido)
  • cortisol (a necessary hormone for good health)
  • estrogens (also, necessary for good health)

In addition to being the precursor for other important hormones, progesterone plays a vital role in:

  • bone health (bone loss in women start at age 37 in the US/UK)
  • heart health
  • brain function
  • low cancer risk

It is really important to acknowledge that there are two progesterones:

  1. the one made by your body (bio-identical progesterone) &
  2. the synthetic version (progestin or mediroxy-progesterone acetate)

Most fail to distinguish between the progesterone (progestins) that have many undesirable side-effects and the progesterone (bio-identical) that, when used according to directions, has no recorded side-effects.

Bio-identical progesterone, when supplied in a proper cream formula, has 40+ years of safety and effectiveness.

What are some of the health issues that are the result of low progesterone?

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