• Day 1 is counted by the first day of a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • For 14 days estrogens are the dominant hormone, then
  • Estrogen levels drop sharply in response to ovulation, then
  • Progesterone levels rise, making it the dominant hormone for the next 14 days.
  • If pregnancy does NOT happen before day 28, progesterone levels drop sharply, triggering the lining to shed and the start of the next menstrual month.

If a woman fails to make enough progesterone during the second half of her menstrual month (Luteal Phase) she will suffer with PMS and/or PMDD:

  • bloating/water retention and the resulting weight gain
  • breast tenderness and lumpiness
  • headaches
  • cramps
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • loss of libido

In women with severe PMS, irritability and mood swings can become outbursts of anger and rage.

Stress is almost always involved in PMS.

Stress increases cortisol levels, which, in excess, blocks progesterone from its receptors. Therefore, normal progesterone levels do not mean that supplemental progesterone is not needed. Extra progesterone is necessary to overcome the blockade of its receptors by cortisol.

When a woman gains a handle on controlling her PMS, she will be empowered to better manage stress.

Stephanie’s Experience:

I have been suffering for years with what has finally been diagnosed as an extreme hormone imbalance.  

I have been losing my hair, I have hot flashes, nausea/vomiting, weight gain, heart palpitations, PCOS and I have not had a period in 10 years!!  I have been prescribed countless medications to help with my symptoms, but they have always had major side effects and made me feel worse. Two months ago,

I started the Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. After being on the cream for about a week, I got my first period in 10 years!  This is only my second month of using the cream and all of my symptoms are getting better or are completely gone! I have suffered for so long and I am so thankful for this cream.

Not only is the product amazing, but the care I received from Michael is unbelievable. They are so knowledgeable and have helped me through every step of this journey so far.
Thank you so much!

this is Stephanie...

Clearly, optimal progesterone levels support healthy, happy menstrual cycles.